Hi, I'm Rohan.
I'm currently a software engineer at Affirm. I'm into computer science and constitutional law.

What have I been up to?

August 2013

Started studying computer science at UT Austin


Spring 2014

Added pure mathematics as a major


Summer 2014

Interned at Bloomberg in New York City


Summer 2015

Interned at Apple in Cupertino


Spring 2016

Added government as a major


Summer 2016

Interned at Palantir in Washington, D.C.


Fall 2016

Interned at the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy in Washington, D.C.


Spring 2017

Started working on my thesis on building an AI to draw fairer Congressional districts


December 2017

Defended my thesis and graduated


January 2018

Started a consulting job for the UT Center for STEM Education researching ways of improving computer science education funding in Texas


March 2018

Started as a software engineer at Affirm, Inc. in San Francisco


July 2018

Published a report on high school CS education in Texas, which led to an increase of $7,000 in teacher funding per CS course offered


You can email me at rohan [at] ramchand [dot] me.